eBooks in every sense of the word: Computer Generated Fiction

eBooks are now being written by computers reports the Times of India. Computers are writing novels and getting better at it. It probably won't help your 'robots are stealing our jobs' fear. And it casts doubt on the idea that creative professions are safer than the administrative or processing professions. Right now, in a play on a human literary contest, around a hundred people are writing computer programs that will write texts for them, The Verge says. It's a response to November's National Novel Writing Month, an annual challenge that gets people to finish a 50,000-word book on a deadline. The Verge explains the futuristic version was started by developer and artist Darius Kazemi, who encouraged creations made entirely by code. These computerized eBook novels are becoming more sophisticated.

From Mills & Boon novels to Microsoft & IBM novels  At this rate there won't be much left that computers can't do. The idea that computers can write eBook novels and lots of other digital content shouldn't surprise us. I suppose the computer programmer will get the copyright to the eBook novels. Publishing houses could be hiring computer programmers rather than paying heavy royalties to authors. The Booker prize could be going to a computer soon. Literature festivals and book signings won't be the same. Computers could be writing  fiction and non-fiction eBooks also. These will be true eBooks in every sense of the word. Not so science fiction.

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