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This is an edited version of the interview:

Q: Did you live in a fantasy world when you wrote these books or was it the reality of the world that made you try to see what the future would be like?
Aspi: Both books were written when I was busy as a college principal. Writing them provided an escape from the tedium of administrative work. The Motionless Traveler contains a greater element of fantasy than Feet Of Clay.

Q: Has living in Mumbai contributed to the fantasy?
Aspi: Not really. Mumbai, nee Bombay, is and has always been a very down-to-earth place.

Q: Are you worried about the country’s energy security?
Aspi: Yes, I’m worried. Not only for this country, but for the world. When I wrote The Motionless Traveler there had been a nuclear disaster only in Russia. Now we have Japan before us.

Q: Is the moral of Tthe Motionless Traveler that the human race will only evolve after we free ourselves from the dependence on oil?
Aspi: Yes

Q: Your novels contain characters from many cultures, religions and countries – when you wrote them did you have globalisation in mind?
Aspi: Definitely.

Q: Would you agree that your novels show the darker side of human nature rather than the good in humans that there can be?
Aspi: I don’t agree with your assessment. The Motionless Traveler is all about the triumph of the human spirit. Feet of Clay indicates how we can find peace in a troubled world.

Q: Where did you get the inspiration from for your books?
Aspi: Can’t pinpoint any one source. Have always been a voracious reader and so it is quite possible that the many books that I devoured in my growing years inspired me to write the novels


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