MAHARASHTRA: Land of Concrete

MAHARASHTRA: Land of Concrete

Maharashtra: Land of Concrete - India Photo Library - IdeaIndia.Com

The above image is taken in Pune (2011) on the bridge going from Koregaon Park to Kalyaninagar. When I first visited Pune in the 80’s the buildings in the picture did not exist and neither did the bridge. The bridge crosses what used to be a large river where you could go fishing. But today it is a mere trickle compared to the past. You travel from Mumbai to Pune on the Express Highway and you see new constructions throughout the journey.

It is like Pune has become a suburb of Mumbai and everything in between has been concreted over- almost!

Pune has developed beyond recognition in the last 2 to 3 decades. I am sure the environment has suffered. But this is progress. I am sure other states in India have similar stories.

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