Sujoy Ghosh

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This is a powerful short story on female infanticide. It is the story of an adopted girl who has a successful career and life. She discovers that when she was born her real father had tried to have her killed simply for being a girl. She was then adopted. She tracks down her real father and confronts him…

Sujoy Ghosh - “poet by heart and engineer by default”. He is based in Uttar Pradesh, India and this is his first novel

Naval Langa

This is a short story with a very poignant message - the man, Kingo, invents a weapon and acquires strength. He uses it over the weak and the women. He dislikes free speech and the words spoken against him. So at the birth of every child, he cuts out its tongue and keeps all the tongues in his custody. But one young woman revolts and steals her tongue back. Kingo fears the outcome. He dislikes a free woman. The woman with a tongue ignites the fire of revolt in another woman, too. Kingo orders death for both the women. He kills the woman who has her tongue. The tongue-less but pregnant woman runs out of the kingdom of slavery. She wants her child to be free and having a tongue, too.

Its Message is simple: the weapons give power to the holder, and the holder uses the weapon and its power to suppress the weak, making them fearful and speechless.

Naval Langa – is a freelance writer based in Ahmedabad, India. He has written numerous articles that are published in Indian media.


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