MANIPURA CHAKRA by Shameem Akhtar

Demystifying the manipura chakra (psychic power center) in order to rectify its imbalances and spur our spiritual and personal growth.

Shameem Akhtar

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Among the seven chakras or psychic centers in each human, the third manipura has special spiritual significance. This power center is buoyed by a strong ego identity which swings our choice in favor of either the spiritualistic or animalistic. This transformative center is powered by the emotional weapons of fear or anger. It is lit by the psychic fire of consciousness. Our seers believed this inner fire could either purify us by burning out our spiritual impurities. Or stoke itself further, thus destroying us spiritually. Its important to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of this center in order to contain any spiritual damage we may unwittingly inflict on ourselves, through its imbalances. The manipura finds itself perfectly poised between the other six chakras which line our spiritual highway, along the spine. At the lowermost chakra at the spinal base (called mooladhara) lies the Kundalini, symbolized as the female serpent power. She represents the unmanifested super human potential lying coiled in each of us. Her original destination is the topmost chakra (called sahasrara) where she unites with pure consciousness, represented as her male half or Lord Shiva. But because we swing between the divine and the mundane, she is confined to the base, hardly rising. Even when she does rise she subsides to her base because of the impurities that block the chakras. It is through sadhana or spiritual practices and keen awareness that we can clear this roadway for her.

SHAMEEM AKHTAR: a certified yoga shiromani with the internationally-acclaimed Sivananda Yoga Centre, Kerala (headquartered in Canada), she is also a certified yoga acharya (advanced level in teacher's training in hatha yoga) with them. (Both courses are set in ashram atmosphere with yoga training and practice extending from pre-dawn till night-fall). She has done the Sadhana Intensive course (also with the Sivananda Institute, at its Uttarkashi branch) which includes nine hours of yoga daily (with the majority of this focused on pranayama or breathing practices). She is also a certified yoga teacher with the Chennai-based Asana Andiappan Institute for yoga and naturopathy, and a certified yoga shiromani and yoga acharya with the Chennai-based Shiva Yoga Institute. She is also certified practitioner, trainer and master trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming (the latest buzzword internationally in mindpower training) with the US based American Federation of NLP, and was trained by the founder himself, Dr William Horton.


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