“WHILE I AM SEEKING”: A Collection of Poems - eBook by Gunjan Raizada Chakravarty

“WHILE I AM SEEKING”:  A Collection of Poems - eBook by Gunjan Raizada Chakravarty - IdeaIndia.Com

A collection of modern poems, which have come through Gunjan Raizada Chakravarty. She was born and brought up in New Delhi, India. After completing her doctorate in Physics, she moved to Ca, US. She began her career by working in the fiber optics industry, shifting to teaching Physics at the local University, and then publishing experiential writings in a local magazine. Presently, she is sharing, some writings and poems (which have and are coming through her) on a blog called “Surrender, Listen and Give” (at http://surrenderlistenandgive.blogspot.com). She would appreciate feedback at gunjanwriter@yahoo.com. She believes in the sacred Sanskrit mantra, “Aum Tat Sat”, which implies, God is the Truth, or translates (word by word) to Supreme Infinite Spirit (Aum) is the Absolute (Tat) Truth (Sat). With pride, she dedicates this collection of poems to that Divine Spirit in All.

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