SOCIETY, CASTE AND FACTIONAL POLITICS: Conflict and Continuity in Rural India - eBook by Masaaki Fukunaga

SOCIETY, CASTE AND FACTIONAL POLITICS: Conflict and Continuity in Rural India - eBook by Masaaki Fukunaga - IdeaIndia.Com

Conflict and Continuity in Rural India

eBook by 

Masaaki Fukunaga

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It is essential to understand the interplay of social, economic and political forces at the grass roots level, to be able to comprehend the contours and complexities of political life at the Indian national level. In this eBook the author has taken note of the sea change that has come about in the Indian village life since independence, extensively used the extant literature on the subject, and studied the intra and inter-jati factions in village Cakra in Jaunpur District of Uttar Pradesh in the context of socio-economic structure and political behaviour in the village settings. The author describes land as a symbol as well as a source of political power as evidenced by the Panchayati Raj elections in the village in 1982. Fukunaga's study reflects a scenario of factional dynamics in which there is disunity among upper caste groups leading to consolidation among middle and lower caste groups. The author concludes that conflict and amity in rural India are not exclusive categories but are at work at the same time.

In the eBook, the present study of faction dynamics in a peasant community in North India, is thus a landmark on the subject based as it is on intensive field work and participatory observations. The eBook characterized by sound theoretical framework, collection of rich data and insightful analysis is an important contribution to rural Sociology in India. It is further welcome as it brings in an Eastern perspective of the Indian scene instead of Western one as had generally been the case so far.

Professor Masaaki Fukunaga did his M.A in Japan. He carried out field-work for his doctorate in India and was awarded Ph. D by Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. His major areas of interest are social stratification, rural politics, political mobilisation and contemporary Hindu culture. He has contributed articles to leading journals in Japan, India and other countries. Masaaki Fukunaga is also associated with several national and international projects on Indian social structure and culture as an expert. Assistant Director and Professor, The Centre for South Asian Studies, Gifu Women's University, Gifu, JAPAN. Also, Managing Director: International Research Forum on SAARC.

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