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HEAVEN AND HELL - India Photo Library


I was walking through the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk, in Old Delhi, where the sun struggles to look in. Seeing the bustling activity amongst the old architecture. Seeing narrow stairways, narrow shops, masses of wires overhead. Cycle rickshaws, motorcycles and pedestrians competing for space. This is the original Delhi. Unchanged for generations. I travelled in a cycle rickshaw along the clogged lanes in traffic jams not witnessed in England. In the summer heat. As the traffic cleared there was a modern structure. I walked down the steps to this new air-conditioned underworld at Chawri Bazaar Metro Station. It’s difficult to imagine that below the ancient lanes of Old Delhi lies a gleaming subway station reminiscent of Canary Wharf station in London. It cost me Rs. 6 to travel 2 stops on the Metro (definitely not reminiscent of London!) Below the Old Delhi above ground is a new, modern, efficient Delhi underground.