SIDBI Growth in Indian VC Funding

Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) has grown as a domestic investor in VC funds. India's VC industry has increasingly found SIDBI to be on the ball with funding and understanding VC needs and this is a good step forward for India's domestic venture capital industry, which has mostly been dependent on overseas investment.
"With external money, there is always a fluid situation. Sometimes, it is in one economy, and sometimes it is funding another destination. Also, overseas investors end up bearing the currency risk as much of their returns get eaten away due to currency depreciation. Additionally, the flavour of investments keeps dangling between the early and late stages, and across favourite sectors," says Ajay Kumar Kapur, deputy managing director at SIDBI.
The rising interest in SIDBI as a source of capital is clear as there is an increase in the number of sanctions and capital commitments to fund managers in the last couple of years.  "The o…

The Rising Son

Chinese ride-hailing firm Didi Chuxing is getting a further billions for its war chest. SoftBank has probably led the deal. SoftBank, founded by Masayoshi Son, has been at the forefront of many publicised startup deals. SoftBank is also expected to lead $1.5 billion funding for Grab, Singapore's ride-hailing service.
Didi Chuxing is getting ready for battle with Uber. And Masayoshi Son will be there just as he is with India's e-commerce battle between Flipkart and Amazon.
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Desi Content to Fuel Growth in India

Indian languages are slowly dominating English in internet usage. Hindi and vernacular languages will dominate as more Indians go online, with growing regional language content, falling data prices and cheaper smartphones. "English is over. There are only 200 million Indians who are proficient in English and they are already on the internet," according to Rajan Anandan, VP for Google's India and South-East Asian operations. "Almost every new user that is coming online-roughly nine out of ten — are not proficient in English. So, it is fair to say that almost all the growth of usage is coming from non-English users." he says.
By 2021, content consumption in Hindi will be bigger than consumption in English, according to Google estimates. A study conducted by Google, in partnership with KPMG, highlights this trend. "India today has 234 million Indian language users online, compared to 175 million English users ... Our study reveals that 99% of local-language …

Gateways to Digital Content

Amazon is trying to become an app store like  Apple or Google. Amazon and has created one point for users to get digital subscriptions from companies like the LA Times and Dropbox. Google and Apple app stores are major gateways for the sale of online music, newspapers and magazines, digital video packages, food delivery subscriptions and software making service providers dependent on Google and Apple. Amazon is now trying to grab a piece of the action. Google and Apple both take a big chunk of the subscriptions paid by customers. Digital Content providers are left with few options to market their content. These tech giants are the digital gateways to digital content.
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HR Technology Strategy

Companies are spending more on HR technology with 56% of all Asia-Pacific firms planning to increase their budgets in this area, according to a report by Sierra Cedar HR Tech Landscape Study for Asia - "More than 40% of all Asia-Pacific organisations and 50% of India-based organisations are looking at improving or developing a new enterprise HR Systems Strategy this year,".
The Asia-Pacific market is witnessing a maturing of overall HR technology adoption which is moving beyond initial investments in payroll talent management, workforce management and even business intelligence applications. Organisations are moving towards Cloud-based HRMS.
Organisations are seeking to adopt new Cloud-based HR technology which gives the ability to make use of emerging technologies which are in Cloud environments, e.g. embedded analytics, Mobile capabilities, and integration with Social platforms.
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Social Media Command Centres for Brand Marketing

Social media command centres, dedicated facility used by brands for monitoring conversations, customer service, tracking marketing efficiency, market research, etc., are becoming the norm.
Big multi-national brands have used command centres for some years now. The trend is catching up in India. Many large brands in India are now using command centres. Brands cannot afford to ignore the social media chatter around their brand.
According to research in India, 47 per cent of the people who access social media post reviews of product and services. Social media has become a way to communicate with a brand. Brands can gain a better understanding of their customers this way.
The command centres provide diverse services to brands - customer care, social listening, market intelligence, market research, competition analysis and online reputation management using data analytics and real-time creative support.
The more popular tools in India are Radian 6, Hootsuite, Adobe Social and Socialbakers…

Digital Personality Marketing

Research from USA (Penn State) and UK (King's College London) reveals that people adopt different personalities for different social networking sites. The study shows that users subconsciously present a different personality of themselves on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., so that they can fit in with the distinctive culture of each of these sites. 2 features, that vary almost completely across profiles on networks are biographies and profile pictures of users. Researchers compiled information on more than 100,000 social media users. The research also reveals how demographics influence social media profiles.

This is useful research on digital marketing on social media networks

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